Gaming Scene (Critique Needed)

This is my latest image. I am getting rather tired of this project and will probably call it done fairly soon (Unless this thread explodes with ideas and critiscm).:wink:

pretty good… let me throw some things out there…
no shadow on dice
the Ace should not have a red tint, if you are using red lights take them away or whatever is doing that…
add some texture or something to the table

I really wish Blender had an easier way to do textures… I don’t like working on textures at all…:frowning:

I don’t really see why you made a new thread… but whatever, I guess I can’t say it bothers me much, but so you know for future projects some mods might kill a second WIP thread for being unnecessary.

A quick run down of the things I see right off.
Set the lamp to cast shadows, I don’t see any at the moment. To get the glass shadow more correct you will need to enable the “receive transparent” check box in the shadows tab of the table top material and probably for the card’s material as well.

Rounding off the corners of the cards would make them a bit more realistic then having such sharp corners as they do now. if you are interested enough I can show you how to do that fairly easily.

Not sure why you say blender is hard to texture in, you seem to have done a fine job for the cards. As for J-bach’s suggestion, a really easy thing to do that gives the table a bit of texture is to make a cloud pattern set it fairly small, then map it to the tables normal, just keep the setting number very low, like less then +/-0.1. that should take out a bit of the edge to the “fake” generated surface look.

If you want to take the project farther adding a background beyond the basic gradient you have now could give you many ways to take it and add to the picture.

I hope some of that is helpful, and yeah, unfortunately time is the best thing for anything 3D, I’ve been spending many hours whenever I can squeeze it in learning and developing the next step in my current project, and just I learned that the method I have been using so far is completely failing for my needs, and so I get to start over from scratch again. :slight_smile: The good news is I now know another a really great way how not to do what I want! It all comes down to how much you want it.

Thanks, I will try the things that you said, and would love it if you would show me how to round the corners easily, rather than me spending hours on it… I created a second WIP thread because I had changed the whole scene idea, trying to get more focused critique. Meanwhile, latest images…

First rendered with 2.49, second with 2.57. Even with 6 GB of ram and a Quad Core processor, this takes almost a minute because of all the ray tracing… On these, the sharp corners of the cards don’t stick out as much, but it would still be a good thing to do.

Any other ideas for me? I can’t seem to keep the textures or colors, as you can see from the first post, from bleeding through into the goblet…

It’s easier to show you. just add the extra edges as shown, and then put on a subdivision modifier. Move the edges closer or farther from the middle to control the size of the curve.

In other cases it might be better to use an alpha map on a single poly instead of this, but the extra poly’s should have little to no impact on your scene in this case, and have the added benefit that you can bend the cards like an inexperienced deck shuffle causes if you want to. :eyebrowlift: Plus this was faster for me to explain. :stuck_out_tongue:

I you don’t see why you would want to keep the colors from shining though the glass, that’s what glass does. If you want to keep the glass darker though, just darken the table surface, I’ve always liked the look of inverted marble anyways.
Good luck


Thank U! :smiley:

Edit: currently getting help to figure out why I can’t get shadows to work…

2nd Edit: Here is the newest image… I have subsurfed the cards to slightly round the corners, changed the camera angle slightly, and added shadows… If anyone has ideas on what to do for a background, I would love to hear them…

I need to zoom the camera in further to avoid the weird edges on the bottom corners…

3rd Edit:

Fixed the camera angle and got rid of those weird edges…

Do I need to add a plane in the background with some sort of material and texture to make a background?

Edit: Sorry, should have edited that question into the last post…

That’s one way to do it, but an image mapped plane isn’t really necessary. You can map it to the world/sky texture instead. just use the blender wiki to look up the different mapping settings for world background. You’ll probably need to change the camera angle to almost level though, unless you found a picture that matches your current angle.
Another way would be to actually model it, which given the current high angle of your camera wouldn’t be to difficult as a chair and floor are probably all it would take to get the minimum needed to make it a convincing background. Add a wall to the mix and you’ll have a hole mini set going on for you.

Working on changing a few more things… Stilll trying to decide what to do about the background…

And Again… Sorry to resurect this month or two old thread, but I found a temporary .blend that I didn’t know still existed after I killed my texturing previously. That said, I worked on it for several hours tonight, and added a image mapped plane for the background. I also changed the camera angle/size slightly. I figured I would renew this thread to get a few more crits for this project. I do not know what is causing the marble to turn directly to grey at the edge.


Well. It looks good. I’ll give you that. Looks good :slight_smile:

Anything bad?

I unfortunately can’t say. I thought the dice looked like they were hard edge cubes but after a close look I found the edges were rounded so there isn’t a critique.

They are slightly beveled. Probably what is bugging me most now is the yellow-grey marble. I think it is bleeding off of the window somehow, because I didn’t have it before. I will work on that tommorow.

The problem seems to be the light set up. I moved the spot light and resolve the table issue. I like but it need something more, for example instead of the marble on the table a i would put a green fabric like of the poker table or the casinos.

I removed the spot light, which previously was being used to cast shadows. I am working on the place where the window joins with the tabletop, and having trouble… I will post new images this afternoon.

Edit: New image. I removed the spot lamp, thus removing the funky grey line. I will probably call this image done, duplicate the blender file, and work on one with a green cloth texture, (more like a casino table). Only thing that might be needed in this one is a shadow on the plane. Think so?

card is too flat… make it just a little bit of depth… not sure what color on side… usually its more of a brownish cardboard-ish color i think

@j-bach, I am doing what you said.

I found a tex to make it look more like a casino tabletop, but when I apply it to the plane, the tex details are too small, so the plane just looks flat with a green material. Any ideas of how to fix this?

Here is the texture I was trying to use.

New post—To much detail in the last one.

Several new images.

I ended up having to use a different texture than I was using before.