Gaming Studies

(Tonberry) #1

Everybody wants to make games but I actually are going to! :slight_smile:
Or… at least study how-to in 3 years! :slight_smile:

Sorry… just wanna brag for at second… or two. :smiley:

(pofo) #2

I’ve heard about it.
No wonder it’s hard to get people to the engineering programs when there’s stuff like this to choose from. Well, I guess I’ll just be a lonely (and very busy) engineer in a world full of computer-game-makers.
Isn’t there a real title? Calling it computer-game-maker or something like that sounds a bit long. Hmm… maybe that’s a good thing, long titles are cool :wink:

Good luck

  1. pofo

(vetzeen) #3

I think the title is “game developer”, Pofo, and I feel how you do.

I wish they had a course like this to choose from when i went to univirsity way back. These days i’m mostly stuck with a whole lot of floorplans made by other people. sob. I wish those 3d jobs come my way more often, 3d seems a little slow on the freelance arena these days.

If a game maker out there looking at this post that wants me, hehe. Maybe you’d hire me one day Tonberry? lol.

Anyway, just be dedicated to your chosen feild, you made a good choice by taking up something you are really passionate about. Im happy for you.

(ben999995) #4

heh theres a few places in Australia that have games courses. But the only proper uni that has it has put their entrance score up to high cause to many people wanted to do it :frowning:

(IMProvisar) #5

I recently heard a preview of a story on TechTV’s “Tech Live” (30 min. daily tech news show). Apparently a number of schools in the US are starting (as they called) video game programs. Same type of thing as the “Gaming Studies” I’m sure, either mostly programming, graphics, or both. I’d love to teach a course at one of these places… I’d call it “Star Trek: New Worlds, a study of really-really-really horrible QA.” I’d probably just make them buy the game, mandate that they play it at least 10 hours, then tell you, “See… this is what QA is supposed to prevent.”

Sorry, just had to rag on the worst gaming purchase I’ve ever made.


([email protected]) #6

Hi Tonberry,

here`s a link that may get you a job after you graduate:

or anyone else lookiking for a job.
(click on jobs - US or Australia)


OH, and good luck :smiley: