Gaming: what you're playing/liking/hating

Right now, I’m replaying Homeworld 2. I like going retro every now and then.

It is (or was) a great game, but there are two big things that kept it from being truly superb.

  1. The difficulty scaling algorithms hate you. On each mission, the enemy fleet is scaled up to keep being a challenge… by exponential factors. I found myself at Balcora outnumbered six to one, and the clock was running. If your idea of fun is hitting your head against the wall until you find a weak spot by chance, then you may enjoy this mission.

  2. They story is only told properly in strategy guides (or so I’m told), and it was watered down to begin with. Try searching for “Dust Wars” (also a name of a mod that’s probably never to be finished) and the design documents. Perhaps a more proper word is DUMBED down.

  3. (Okay, I lied). The graphics were stubbornly retro. And not in a good way.

Still, it was a nice sequel to the sage of those fun, fun Hiigaran boys. And their messianic girl designed for fanservice.

Yeah - some of the older games are cool.

The only game installed on my PC right now is Condition Zero… Having recently completed Hitman: Blood Money made me feel like playing a fast-paced game. I’m still stuck on ‘hard’ difficulty level. It’s one of the greatest FPS’s that ever existed.

KIll an enemy with a KNIFE?! Impossible.

I started playing spore about two weeks ago

It was awesome in the beginning, but I must admit I began to get a little bit bored after a while…

now monopoly…theres a game that doesn’t get boring :stuck_out_tongue:

The only game installed on my PC right now is Condition Zero… Having recently completed Hitman: Blood Money made me feel like playing a fast-paced game. I’m still stuck on ‘hard’ difficulty level. It’s one of the greatest FPS’s that ever existed.

KIll an enemy with a KNIFE?! Impossible.

ah yeah same here, have been playing cs-cz on my old pc. wish i had source though lol.

Oh and is anybody else anticipating the release of starcraft 2?:spin:

I’m playing Chrono Trigger

Crono/Lucca/Robo and Crono/Lucca/Ayla mostly
LVL 27

LVL 24


on linux

  1. X-plane 9.20 THE best flightsimulator ( for me that is :o )
  2. UT2004
  3. OpenArena

on windows

  1. RedViper FF4 ( waiting for FF5 looks so nice )
  2. Silent Hunter 3
  3. Silent Hunter 4
    and the worst will say UT2004 cant stop when I first start… did 3 hours yesterday and almoust didnt make it to work :rolleyes:

I like Oblivion. My computer is too crappy to run it right now. Morrowind was way too boring after a while, and the combat system sucked.
Right now I have Eternal Lands, it has many things that suck, like a short bows costs 2000 gold, and ranging (archery) is an “advanced” skill, I can’t wear gloves while I have a sword, it’s too damn hard to make progress, the blacksmiths don’t sell weapons, etc.
Arena was pretty hard to make progress on.
I played KOTOR looong ago, when I didn’t understand English. So I didn’t get too far, but it was a pretty cool game.
Halo’s an awesome game. It’s never boring.

I’ve been playing a lot of indie games lately. Flywrench and Gravity Hook and a lot of others. Gravity Hook is insanely addictive.

GTA4 is fun, but I can’t freaking stand it on my 360. I’ve decided to sell the 360, so if anyone wants a 360 and about 10 games - including GTA4 - feel free to make me an offer (PMs ONLY, and you pay the shipping costs). I’ll send you better info via PM if you’re interested.

On the PC:

Unreal Tournament 3
Halo: CE
Crysis after I get a more powerful rig this summer.

Xbox 360:

Halo 3
Battlefield: Bad Company

Bioshock is the current winner, although it gets a little framey on my computer sometimes. My only complaint is some of the lip synch is terrible, and most of the characters look the same.

Chrono Trigger ftw! A true classic.

right now I’m playing…

PC: StepMania

360: Tales of Vesperia

PS2: Persona 3

I just got re-addicted to Guild Wars. Guild Wars can get really aggravating because it isn’t as mainstream as something like World of Warcraft, so it is hard to find groups for some missions. Even if you do find people, the NPCs AI r normily more smarter.:eyebrowlift2:

Besides Guild Wars, I also play Team Fortress 2. It is such a great game, and Valve keeps adding more content. I had originally gotten it as part of the orange box and didn’t give it much thought, but it is a great as the hype.

As far as console games go, I only have Nintendo systems, and there is a bit of a dry spell for people who, you know, play games. There have been some great games, but I just really haven’t felt like playing them. I really want something new. At some point, I will probably pick up a PS3. I’m waiting on the crazy holiday sales to pick up some type of good deal/bundle. Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm looks incredible, and I could see myself playing a lot of Little Big Planet.

Im enjoying Spore at the moment, its not living up to the hype, but these things hardly ever do…

What im looking forward to is GTA 4 on pc (comes out mid November) and Star Craft. Not to mention Yo Frankie :smiley:

Dude I had to quit Guild Wars, I was too addicted!

If you ever Random Arena, dude I have this awesome assasin build that I can share, but please don’t put it on GuildWiki. And I only share it because I have no use for it anymore I wont be playing at all unless they do a super awesome rebalance update then I might be tempted…

Okay here it goes it’s an assasin build:

Scorpion Wire , Falling Spider, Death Blossom, Impale, Signet of Toxic Shock, Dash, Ressurection Signet - Elite Skill = Empathic Removal (This is important!)

It’s a build that is pretty dam sweet because it uses Scorpion Wire, which is a spell that NOBODY USES EVER!!! But it’s such a good spell, it’s actually better than most assasin elite skills. Well anyway, this will give you a very spammable Interupt + Teleport + Knockdown + 350 HP Attack Chain that recharges every 12 seconds. It’s very good. And sense nobody uses scorpion wire it confuses the hell out of people. A lot of time the healer will just be sitting there reading the skill description because he doesn’t even recognize the skill icon. :evilgrin:

Srlsly once you ensnare them with scorpion wire they really are trapped, do they try to pretend as if they aren’t hexed or do they chase after you, or run away it’s really quite a dilemma for them. Funny for the user of the skill though.

Dont post it on Wiki if you use it. It’s my secret build.

I’m playing Quake on the Sega Saturn. It’s not as good as the PC version, but it’s more reliable, has graphics that are great by Saturn standards, and has the same level design as the PC version, unlike the dubious Nintendo 64 version which gave you a “brand new set of levels to explore.” Meaning a crap set of levels.

Me and the wife have been playing cod4 mostly, and I’m pretty sure she’s also
getting me No more heroes for Xmass this year.(Fuck Yeah!) but any other time
its retro gaming all the way! Trying to beat all the shitty games I had already
beat 15 years ago.

I’ve been playing…

COD4 (That game is awesome with Senhiesser headphones :D)
Halo: Combat Evolved
Crimson Skies

Nothing but Spring and TF2. :slight_smile:

Woah, I’m hooked.

Same :slight_smile:

On Wii I’m currently playing Metroid Prime Corruption, on PS2 I’m playing Final Fantasy X, on computer I’m playing a few different games and on DS I’m playing Final Fantasy III & Metroid Prime Hunters, All of which are great games. :slight_smile: