GAMING WORLD: Microsoft fight simulator X

All I have to say is that this is a huge leap over the last flight simulator and may be the first I have interest in. 6000 objects per square kilometer, the whole world modeled and when you play it in Direct X 10 and Vista you’ll see incredible detail and photorealistic water.

Note they did say you may not see your house if it’s just an average home, but your town will probably be there.

Just think what they can do with the engine, how about playing a game like GTA or crazy taxi on a real size world that would take hours or even days to get from one end to the other. I kind of would like the crazy taxi idea, you pick up a guy in New York and he wants to be dropped off at Anchorage and have 8 days to get there (real time)

Flight simulator has really turned into a game worthy of the 21st century.

That’s far too demanding. Not many people have that kind of time to dedicate to playing a videogame, and even if they did I doubt they would.

It’s impressive technology though.

I’ll say it first since its it the news.

Look at what it does for terrorism to. Ok, ok i know some people are like yeh it won’t happen. I agree games like this make a great leap in 3d with realism and games become more intense more exciting and better to play. But you have to admit some people out there misuse these objects some of the simplist creations would and proably have been misused.

As games become more realistic the gamers become more immersed witin reality and the less mentally stable people or those with certain beliefs will begin to forget that it is a game or begin to think life is a game. I know its a bit far fetched but then again two boys sarted taking pot shots at cars on a highway becuase of playing gta : vice city, i can say that game doesn’t have the best graphics and the same happened with manhunt which doesn’t have good graphics. Ok these games are violent so thats the impact they will have on people. But in the wors case think fo the mods that could be brought out for these games. Terrorist networks are getting larger someone who has the knowledge to create mods who has these beliefs could easily make one for this game with a bit of help. i Know its a bit far fetched but i heard that some suicide bombers did learn to fly the aircrafts off of simulators.

On the other hand the graphics on it looks pretty awsome. Looks a pretty nice game to play but have they relesed the specs yet? guan take some power to shift that? I’m glad games are getting better provides a better experience i thoght hl2 was good when it came out it still is but games arecoming on leaps and bounds soon i bet they will be creating games with more realisitic physics and stuff. Such as games gettign so big that the world changes troughout the game such as the ground becomes mmuddier when it rains and is still muddy after it rains untill it dries out. Wow that would be awsome stuff like that.

Nice game by the looks of it just worried bout how much room its gonna make in your wallet.


The engine wouldn’t work for a non flight sim game, and notice how they don’t show any close flybys of the towns and cities, and very few shots of them at all.

The landscapes don’t look much better than far cry, and that is two years old and looks good close up.


Look at the mousepad. It’s image 36.

Sorry to bring up this old thread, but the free Demo of FXS was released a few weeks ago. I tried it out and was impressed by the graphics, it’s not mindblowing compare to a driving game, but one must remember that the entire planet is modeled and you can fly from one end of the world to the other without pausing to load.

FSX Demo Screenshots 1280x1024 Extreme quality

And if anyone says Flight simulator is encouraging terrorism, well, I can only say that continuing with that logic, car games should be also banned and so are every single FPS games. Heck, I believe even wikipedia and google should go first.

The game will look even better under Vista with DirectX 10, but even with DirectX 9 you look at side by side comparisons with the last flight simulator and it really is a huge leap.

The water recives shadows. Wierd.

I thought the first rule of Fight club was, we won’t talk about Fight club. :smiley:

I have the demo and i can just run the sim at 25 fps with max settings (including aa and resolution)


amd athlon 64 3400+
nvidia geforce 7800 gt
2 gigs of patriot ultra low latency ram

Awesome system Stella, though have you ever seen birds(around the lighthouse and the ships) ? My Geforce 6 is having some issues with birds and some cruise ships. Yet I can see them on an aging radeon 9800. (it has nothing to do with settings)