GAMING WORLD: most likely you will need to upgrade for Crysis

While my computer is 2.8 ghz and meets that requirement I will need to significantly upgrade my graphics card and RAM. Of all the games i’ve seen i’ve never seen game requirements this high. Best graphics will need Directx 10, windows vista, and a Gforce 7800 GTX.:eek:

He, he. Those are some “minimum requirements”

If your planing to upgrade hardware, wait until vista and DX10 cards are out and in full swing.

Buying anything below that now would be money wasted. Since you would have to ugrade to DX10 level in a very short time anyway.

If your planing to upgrade hardware, wait until vista and DX10 cards are out and in full swing.

Yeah, wait 6 months if you want stuff to be in full swing and cheaper. 6 months seems to be the magic number for electronics.

I understand i’ll eventually have to upgrade to Vista and DirectX 10 to keep up with being able to use new programs and games that come out. Though i’m not sure how Blender will perform though, hopefully Blender will still run good.

We have been looking at the possibility of adding more RAM to my computer and a new graphics card I may be able to get for my birthday in a few months. The card would be for being able to play with better graphics in newer games and the RAM would be for larger rendered scenes and heavier calculations in Blender. But other then that I largely don’t have the money.

Also, my father has always advised never to buy the absolute latest hardware when it just comes out, because the price would’ve dropped significantly after a year or two.

Social: yes I know they’re some minimum requirements, just meeting the minimum requirements allow you to play Age of Empires 3 with the settings all the way up.

I tend to wait 1 or 2 years before buying the new stuff because thats how long it takes me to get the money.

I tend to wait 1 or 2 years before buying the new stuff because thats how long it takes me to get the money.


Ahahaha… hahaha… Blender on Vista… that’s a good one.

I’m not sure why Blender on Vista is such a funny concept, care to elaborate?

Not really.

A quick search for “vista” in the forum, however would have turned up this:

Not only that, but the price are way lower than when they first came out. I’d rather pay 80 bucks for a good all around card that allows me to play most games that come out or will come out(but not the ridiculously high graphic ones like Doom 3 or Crysis). And some peeps spend 600 bucks on the same card 2 years before…

I agree it is good to wait for the price to come down, 600 dollars? My entire computer didn’t cost that much when we bought it. Not very practical to spend more on one card then an entire computer.

Actually READING the thread, you would have found out several things.

  1. It was just a beta version of the OS.
  2. OpenGL support will depend on the card manufacturers on Vista, of which he didn’t have.

No wonder you didn’t care to elaborate…

Yeah! I meet all the minimum. But why is an internet connection required? Is this a online only game?

Probably required to even be allowed to play it at all. I remember my dealings with Steam. They totally destroyed my experience with what was otherwise one of the best games I’ve ever played.(HL2)

This is going to be a STEAM game? :confused: :mad: :confused:


I havent had any problems with steam. But some people have perfectly working windows boxes…

I played HL2 and CSS with an account a friend gave me he wasnt using. Really enjoyed it and then moved on to other games. 3 months later I decide to play some CSS again only to find my account received a global ban for no reason ( I wasnt playing at all) supposedly for cheating. I was like “What in the world?” I asked some of my friends and said they encountered similar problems. Customer support just kicked you away saying they wont give a reason for the ban nor solve your problem. Well that’s really offtopic but I had to rant on this to let the steam out (hehe word game). still, no reason whatsoever.

My PC doesnt meet the crysis requirements and wont for a while, probably a long while. Oh, and 600 bucks is more than my pc and its rather powerfull.
2.8GHtz, 512ram, 100giga HD, 128mb radeon 9200 card, among other periferals.

My windows box works perfectly fine. Its the fact that Steam requires you to log on to the internet and update EVERYTHING, including thier own stupid software, before you can even play, that pisses me off. I am on a 24k connection out here, which meant waiting till the next day while the stupid thing downloaded all the updates and patches for the game, and then having to wait another day while they updated thier own software, all for a game I paid $50 for and had no intention of playing online. And then, after a few months, I wanted to play it again. Then …what?.. I have to do all this over again? How rediculous.

Steam is a good thing, not a bad one.

The consistent updates, fixes and add-ons are all good things. It’s a very organized, centralized and efficient way to keep the product at it’s peak performance throughout it’s lifespan.

Steam is also implemented as a security feature, to hinder piracy and/or illegal use of a product. That in turn gives valve the edge to make, and continue making great games like HL2, CSS (and my soon to be favorite): “Portal”.

They were HACKING. Steam doesn’t give out bans based on anything except detection of cheating devices being used. Customer support doesn’t have the time to deal with a bunch of cheating losers trying to get their account back. What most likely happened is your friend gave the account to someone else who used it to hack for awhile or he used it to hack himself. Steam is 99.99% infallible.

I’m with Social on this, Steam is starting to also look like a really cool platform for distribution of games by independant developers. Game - publisher = way more money for the people doing the real work.