Gamma pros, Using gamma to adjust colormap

I’m working on a skin shader. It uses a colormap, a jpg in sRGB space. I have found the average color of the colormap. I am creating a node group which allows you to change the average color. It separates the hsv from the color you have chosen and subtracts it from the average color. It then adds that back to the colormap’s hsv. It seems to look better when I adjust the gamma on rbg input,and the average color. to .4. Is this correct?

Assuming you are trying to convert between linear and sRGB, the value you want is .454. I’m a little lost at what you are trying to do here. How did you get that “average color”? When something looks best with a .454 gamma adjustment, that’s a red flag that somewhere along the line some sRGB color values are getting treated as linear.