(bls) #1

Hi all
After much time I think I’m done with this project. This is a fictional dinosaur creature, all done in blender and render with cycles.

Here is also a walk cycle test:

(cadaei) #2

That walk cycle was really cool!

(fantasyworksho9) #3

This gamourosaurus, may have been alive.

(BigBlend) #4

Wow. Just wow on that walk cycle.

I did think maybe a color correction could extract some color details of the creature:

Either way. This is 5 stars.

(bls) #5

Thanks guys! Bigbad I wanted to be a bit desaturated but I like your color version too!

(BigBlend) #6

I’m still so impressed with the walk cycle. It looks so good.

(malhomsi) #7

i agree the model and texture are good , but the walk cycle is great ( i may put more amplitude to the hip movement ) really impressive.
5 stars man

(Ace Dragon) #8

Very impressive, it’s not too often that someone on the Blender forums gets this far with such detailed creature-work (most of the detailed creatures posted here are sculpt exercises that end in a clay render).

The animation is also impressive (noting just how realistic the walking motion is).

(bls) #9

Thanks for the 5 stars guys! I also want to mention that I used Xmuscle system addon to give extra realism. For the neck I used soft body simulation.

(MC78) #10

Coool the animation (and the whole work) *****

(borkia) #11

Great work! and amazing walk cycle! Did You use some references to create such a great movement?

(MmAaXx) #12

amazing model, congrats.

(Tonatiuh) #13

Wow! Can you tell us how was your experience with xmuscle, I am so interested on that addon

(Daaaargh) #14

Really good job. Personally I like most the color corrected version

(colkai) #15

Amazing work, can’t really add to what others have said! :slight_smile:

(bls) #16

Thanks! Yes I watched several videos from youtube with komodo dragons and other dinosaur animation walk cycles.

(bls) #17

The addon is great , really easy to use totally worths the money.

(bls) #18

Thanks Max, I’m big fan of your work btw! Thanks again.

(NeverTilt) #19

This is just crazy work, congrats. The hind legs ankles are too stiff though, other then that the walk cycle is so badass :smiley:

(DflippinK) #20

Stunning Work!!!..