Gandhi - School Project


Here’s my Gandhi character that I made for a small part of a school project. I just thought I would share it with you! I just finished too!

Comments are greatly appreciated!



Haha, it looks funny.
I would say that the lines on his nose and face are not good.

It’s good, but there are a few aspects I would work on if I were you.

Are you aiming for realism or a cartoony pic?

If you are aiming for realism, then I would suggest working on the head. The forehead is much too low, have a look at human facial proportions (try googling it, or just examine the faces of people you know). In addition, the lines of the texture on the face seem somewhat odd, it looks like you mapped it flat from above, try using cube or sphere mapping instead - or even UV map it, if you can.
In addition, your nose is rather large.

There are problems with the rest of the body as well. The torso is very box-like, especially near the shoulders. Select it and apply the ‘smooth’ function a few times, then edit some bits for definition. This is relevant even if you were aiming for a cartoony effect.

In addition, your robe is somewhat different from an actual robe, as it is all in one piece (which would make it somewhat difficult to put on, quite apart from being different to actual robes). Have a look at this picture of Gandhi from Wikipedia:
You can see the diagonal lines across the chest where the robe wraps round, and also the size of the sleeves. Of course, if you have differing references, or are aiming for a different style, use your design instead.
Some folds in the material would also be nice.

The above picture could also be useful in making an accurate model of his face.

Apart from that, the robe could do with a texture.

I’m sorry if I sound rather harsh, it’s a good image. A wire would be nice to critique your topology, especially if you intend to animate it. Feel free to ignore any or all of the points if they are different from your intended style.

No no no…you don’t sound harsh at all!

That was the exact critique I was looking for!

I am going for cartooney, hence the big nose and short head, but you’re definitely right about some of that…maybe I overexaggerated.

I whipped it up in about 20 minutes last night for a part of a school project, but might be able to use him as an old man in some future animation, thus I am looking for improvement.

About the robe, how would you come about doing that though? That is what gave me the most trouble.

Also, I mapped the face using “Sphere,” but it was late at night and didn’t have much time to fix it, so I’m still working on it.

Thanks again for the critique, I’ll definitely work on it then repost it later!


it’s nice, needs more work but it could end up preety good!