Hey there. This is a render of a space ship gangplank for a ship I am making.

No textures or effects yet, but I plan on having it animated with its own action clip.

I didn’t get into the lighting either for now until I get into the textures.

C and C is welcome.


ShipV.blend (355 KB)

not much to crit on, the modeling looks ok, maybe you’re a little hurried though, I mean, you have the gang plank, and that’s it, of a whole space ship, and are already planning to texture and light and animate it. I wouldn’t even start to think about that till the ship is done.

Oh yes. I didn’t mean I was going to stop there and deal with just the plank. LOL

I was wanting crit on the meshes I had made. I am still a bit awkward with meshes and am learning how to properly clean them up.