This little guy was done just for fun in two hours. Modelling, material tweaking and sculpting were made in Blender. The background, some skin stuff and the jewellery were done in Photoshop. :slight_smile:

Hehe, very nice concept, I think that you should use more colors but its very nice, I dont like the theme either but this is taste. good job!

Thank you! Yeah, well the theme and the idea was just some kind of a train of thought. Didn’t really plan much. :stuck_out_tongue: More colours could do, yes, that was my plan too. But I think I like him just the way he is now :slight_smile:

With theme do you mean the guy himself or the background, or that you don’t like them mixed together?

One word…

Gangsta… :smiley:

I think you should add more details to the character it looks like a 2D piece of hard edged paper. Also the second finger seems to be distorded. You can also play with Sub Surface Scattering if you want. The floor looks good. Overall a good image but it needs some improvements.

Oh yes, the fingers! They are not distorted but just shown in an awkward angle. Forgot to fix it. :stuck_out_tongue:
It had detail but I made it look flat. Wasn’t really going for a “3d-picture” but a picture that has used 3d as a part of it instead. Also, it does have SSS, even though it’s probably not shown. Glad you like the floor, wasn’t so sure about it myself. :slight_smile:

Why is he posed like he’s miming an invisible wall?

Don’t know, just fancied it :slight_smile: And anyways, in my opinion they don’t always have to be showing some obscure finger signs in every pic:

But yeah, I think I might just try him in some other pose some day.