Ok i want to make (for real, i’m actually going to make this, and i’m not going to be sidetracked) a mafia guy, or i want somebody dead on the ground. I want to make it right, but i’ve tried to make the faces, and i can’t. Then i don’t know what to do about the bodies, and then how do i color the suit and other parts of the guy. I really need help.

practice, practice, practice. as soon as you can make decent human bodies you’d be able to make mafia bosses, dead bodies whatever you want. umm, i’ll post a couple of links to tutorials (is noone other does)

Never used it and wouldn’t know how, but there’s apparently a Make Human python script that could save you some time.

Those are some of the vaguest questions ever.

What you need to be able to do is


Please at least attempt to look for documentation. The entire Blender 2.32 manual is online at


As solmax said, the answer to this problem is a lot of practice. There are decent tutorials you can find that can help you achieve your goal. However, if you aren’t experienced with blender, I’d try to work on easier projects and try to get better over time instead of jumping the gun and going straight to a human body.