This the first project that is going to take longer than 1 day to fininsh
My cousin painted this for me and i have decided to modle it :slight_smile:
Also does anyone have a good idea as to how i can ad his hair/beard

p.s. I think he look like this smilie :ba: don’t you think?

Hey nice work i like the poly shaded cartoon look and i would be happy to say that i do know a way for you to get the hair and beard to become added on to your character first off there is a partical generator i belive blender is capable of doing that crates hiar or you could crate low poly shapes to shape as a beard and then add a UV maped texture that defines your characters hair detail so it looks wavy curly etc and thats about all i know im on the same boat i gotta learn how to use the partacal generator so i can add the hiar to my character right now lol so… best of luck i hope this points you in the right direction to look into at least :stuck_out_tongue: -chavo

hey one more thing how did you get you eye textures on there im not so good at this texture thing yet lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay here’s an update, thanks chavoh for telling me about particles i looked it up and that what i used :slight_smile:

Chavo: I first made a new texture for one of the eyes and made it an image texture and loaded the image of the eye. then in the “Map Input” tab in material buttons (the pinky red sphere) i fiddled with the ofsx, ofsy, sizex and sizey. You need to do alot of quik renders to see where the image will be on your object and if you are doing eyes it’s easyer to have them as seperate objects. ps. there is an alright tutorial at

I hope this to be the last update on this guy unless someone can point something out to add:yes:

C+C still welcome