GanttProject Weekends?

Anyone here use GanttProject? I think it’s great, but I work on Saturdays. How to do I change the settings so I can use the weekends, instead of having the line just skip over them. I searched both the help and internet but could not find an answer. The SourceForge seems to be updating, so I could not use their forum.


Just curious, what is it?

I can see this thread getting locked soon…

Think some of the mods are getting stoned.

Why lock this? Is this not the “off-topic” section of the forums? Anyhow, like I stated earlier, I would have checked the forum for GanttProject if Sourceforge wasn’t updating the site at the moment.

I’ve only worked with MS Project, so can’t help much… is there any help/docs that come with it?

Why lock this? Is this not the “off-topic” section of the forums?

Nah, it’s just because jackj’s poll got locked for no reason whatsoever

I figured it out. There seems to be no way of changing the weekends after a project is started, but there is an option when you start a new project. I just created a new project and imported the previous schedule.