Gap in bones?


I’m attempting to rig something for the first time and it all seemed to be going ok until I realised that I really wanted to flip the direction of several of the bones. The bone which is now at the end of chain that was flipped is no longer connected to the adjacent bone:

I can’t seem to get it to join. All my bones have an IK constraint with chain length 1.



You will have to re-parent (ctrl P) after flipping. If you have tried this unsuccessfully you may be attempting a circular reference ie the bone you are trying to parent to is a descendant of the bone you are trying to make the child. This only works on TV talk shows.:evilgrin: This also applies to IK where you can’t have the same bone be a target and a child!

That sounds like it will be my problem! I will check it out as soon as I’m back on my laptop. Cheers! lol @ the circular family reference :wink:

That fixed it, thanks!