Mac PPC Builds NEVER work

I have a qualifying system, but the ppc builds NEVER open.

When you say “never”, do you mean in the last few weeks, months or years? How many have you tried, roughly, and what versions? You say your system qualifies - but for what? What system do you have? What OS version? Which binary are you downloading? What’s the link?

When you say they never OPEN - do you mean you don’t get a dmg or that the dmg won’t unpack into a binary or that when you double-click the binary nothing happens?

If it’s the latter, then nine times out of ten it’s a python issue and nine times out of ten you need the python 2.3 version of the Blender PPC download.

We may need just a little information in order to offer any suggestions.

Having said that, it seems quite a few people are having problems with recent builds on Graphicall. Since harkyman appears to have done most of those builds, maybe he’s the man to answer the questions. In the meantime, maybe try the December build from [](

AndyD, I’m getting a 404 error on that link.

Oops, forgot the “http://”.