Garage dance

Pretty impressed by the final result on this dance. have gained some compositing techniques. the dance was pretty easy to animate. it just worked for the character quite nicely actually.

Video footage


dancer pic smal Check out my channel for more choreography staff
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Character : Tabatha


So glad I saw this! This is amazing work I can’t wait to see more!

Thanks yh working on more dances. Will be available on my channel and here :+1:

Ok just some thoughts. First of all her moments look really really “janky”, sometimes she looks like she’s just teleporting from one pose to another. Also some of the moments don’t have any flow to them, again going from one pose to another without any sort or flow though. But I’m no expert.

I know have a lot am learning, such as at the moment been working on texturing as on this project \

Improved texture study animation

Wow real good job on the texturing there!