Garage project


I’m new at the forum, and also I 'am new at Blender.
But i made some progress from the beginning,
and now I 'am working on a small project.

I’d like to post here once or twice a week a progress
screenshots and get comments and advices from you as
a more advanced users, as a guidelines to my future work.

For now the purpose of the project is to create a detailed model of
Lamborghini Aventador. The interior of a car does not interest me
for now.

I think this forum as a biggest blender community get post like this
few times a week and after some time, the jobs aren’t finished.
My case is a little bit differed as I 'am in progress of working, and
I assume that half of the job is already done.

Everything started from a Blenderguru tutorial
about making car wheels.
I’ve tried to fallow it and now id like to show results
of my work as a opening shoot for this project and post.

In a day or two, Ill post here the shots showing
how much I’ve already done and what is the
progress level of this project.

I 'am counting on your feedback and support.

PS. If there is a typical and easy way to post screenshots on this forum.
Let men know and I’ll reupload them ASAP.

Seems, like Lamborghini is a common blender modeler theme.

I’am posting few screenshots from my work, and i hope
this time I’ll see some feedback from you :frowning:

I’ll try to do best of Aventador models on this forum.
(and even something more) but i need your help.

Still no feedback, but I’am still working
and i wont give up, even so I’d like to ask you
agani about critique.

I’am a begginer and a good advice will be very helpful.
This is my first model in Blender.

And here i show you some more effects of my work.


The body is coming along nicely. The tires look a bit square on the edges. Cars are hard to model, so I would say you are doing great.

Another work update.

Please do comments.
As Im closing to end of the modeling stage.
I’ll need to make all nessesery correction asap.

Looking good, so far. Keep up the good work. Now for my bit of crit. Your tires need a lot of work, bot on shaders and treads. If they are under the car the whole time than it wont batter AS MUCH, but not to say its not important at all, and is something you should considder fixing, IMO.

Besides this, your progress is evident and it appears you have a clear intention for your scene. Its always hardest critiquing scenes when we cant imagine the artists intentions.

Like I said, keep up the good work!

Thanks for the critique ! :smiley:
More of it please :slight_smile:

At this point I may say that the project will be an animation.
nothing fancy like transformers, exploding or crashing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: more like presentation.

I’m closing to the end of modeling, soon I’ll start working on details and redoing stuff.
The wheels :smiley: Will be redone for sure !

Pleas do not feel shy to point my mistakes in modeling.

I love the rim of that tire. I started doing a tractor tire last night. Sadly I’m having a hard time with it and I might have to go to tutorial land.

Lately I’ve made a lot of corrections to my model.
The overall appearance of it didn’t change much but
I’ve done a lot of work on the topology.

I resign completly from the EdgeSplit modifier.

This time i also marked some problematic places,
maybe you can try to help me with solving this.
Or show me some methods to deal with such problems.

I’ve also started redoing the wheels, soon they will be ready along with breaks and windshields.

they look excellent …

Im still living :smiley: ! Back to this project, ill post some new renders soon.