I’m working on a garage scene. It’s a little different, though, because it’s going to have a homebuilt wormhole generator inside. :slight_smile:

The materials & lighting need a lot of work, I’m sure. Those are definitely my weak point.

In the right-hand corner I have a set of shelves with several rows of high-power capacitors which charge up to provide enough power to open the wormhole. (It takes less power to hold it open than to open it in the first place.)

In the back of the garage I have a hole in the wall with three pipes coming in from the particle accelerators in the back yard(they don’t fit in the garage. :P)

Ideally, the capacitors would be different sizes/colors, but at the moment I gave up and duplicated a bunch of them. I’ll come back through and re-model them appropriately.

The little green cylinder next to the rack is a salvaged pole-mount transformer that converts the wall-socket voltage to >100,000 volts for the capacitors.

Comments & constructive criticism welcome, requested, desired, and demanded. :smiley:

edit: Added a platform around the wormhole generation point. There’ll be a removable/openable radiation shield there too.

edit2: The black cylinders in the wall are the pipes coming from the particle generators, in case you were wondering. They won’t stay like that. :slight_smile:


Interesting Idea. Why do they need a wormhole in the garage? Is it sort of like a stargate?

A wormhole in your garage will give you all the space you’ll ever need:yes: I’d still be a bit concerned about going too near the 100 kV capacitor bank though. Maybe you should put some protective fencing and stuff there…

I’ve had a plotline running through my head for a while where two college students invent wormhole travel in their garage. I’d like to turn it into a short film, but I don’t know if I’ll get that far. :slight_smile:

The protective fencing is a good idea, I’ll work on that.

Added a plexiglas shield in front of the cap bank. Any tips on more realistic materials would be appreciated–I’m not sure how to do scratches as a procedural texture, and I’d prefer to stick to procedurals where possible.


Lot of shaders that could use some raymirror and i think fresnel also, probaply should mess with fresnell settings…