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NOTE: I have cross posted this message at the behest of Kib_Tph has an online IRC chat coming up to discuss using Blender in independant games development. here is the info:

Indie Developers Roundtable - Blender: How can indie developers leverage an Open Source Blender?

The second Indie Developers Roundtable, (today) Sept. 26th 2pm (PDT) hosted on IRC ( - #Garagegames) with top level panelists from the Blender and “Indie” community. James Hills of CyPRMedia ( will moderate the chat. Discussions will highlight what kinds of projects are possible, how to work with the Blender Foundation as well as what projects are already in the works.

Ton Roosendaal President of Blender Foundation,
Timothy Kanters founder of the largest user site
Norman Lin author of Linux 3D Graphics Programming,
Ryan Parker, An Associate with GarageGames and working on a DTS Exporter for the Torque Game Engine
Ahmaud Templeton established a group called the Blender League - a development group working in tandem with NaN on professional plug-ins and an enhanced API system for the Blender 3D application suite.

Indie Developer Roundtable is a monthly series of moderated chats designed to improve the visibility of the “indie” community and give access to its leaders on topics of importance to the indie developer.

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Would anyone happen to have a log of the roundtable discussion? I would be interested to hear what was discussed. I’d would especially like to hear what Ton had to say, as I believe many others on this forum would.


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here you are: