Garbage Collector?

Is there any way to remove unused textures and materials, as well as doubles? I’ve tried the garbage collector script I found here, and it gives me errors. Maybe it doesn’t like apricot or the newer versions.

Why does blender not even give you the option to remove them? It becomes such a cluttered mess I have to resort to naming conventions like “A_wall.jpg” so that I know to unpack everything that does not start with an a.

This is one of those issues I’m amazed they have not addressed.

To delete materials and textures go to the outliner, select the offensive brat, right click it and select unlink. To remove doubles select all verticese in edit mode then Wkey and select “remove doubles”.

Nothing to be amazed or mad about. You just have yet to thoroughly explore Blender’s options and documentation.

I don’t mean remove double verts. Yes…I get that. I men double textures - like stone wall.001. stonewall.002 - the same texture many times over if you import things. Unused materials and textures. There is a script for this, but I get errors.

I have the same problem. I can see some unused materials in Ooops scheme view and material data block but I cannot remove them. I can unassign them from the object but that is not what I want. I want to be able to remove them forever for good.


If you unlink them in the outliner as I mentioned earlier, save the file, close it then reopen it: poof, they’re gone.

Rambobaby , I knew about the unlinking which I had done. I just was not aware of the fact that I needed to restart the scene. Thanks for the tip.

Btw I managed to get rid of one but there are some otherones that have not gone away. So your method is not really bulletproof method :slight_smile: I can definetely see them under material linking and in Oops view

unlink, save, close, reopen.


“delete material” button.

I think a button or hotkey would be a lot easier than having to go through that whole process.

Are they still appearing in the popups for materials and texture channels? I’ve NEVER had any problem with this. If they’re only appearing in the OOPS view then this is a bug of little consequence but you can still report it in the bug tracker.