Garden Drone 2000

Hello together,

this is my latest artwork. I was inspired by the little drones from the movie “Silent Running” which was released in march 1971, 50 years ago. I loved these little guys when I saw this film as a kid. And even then I wanted to have such a robot. I’ve been working on this project since the Easter weekend. And I hope you enjoy it.

In retrospect, it occurred to me that it should rather be called “garden drone 2021”. After all, it’s kind of a fiftieth birthday. But back then, 2000 was the future, per se.


Looks really amazing @minoribus must have taken some time putting this together!


I Like this one more that the “realistic” one :slight_smile:

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Thank you, pixeltumbler :slight_smile: All in all it took me about 8 days to create it.

Yeah, at the end I decided to go a bit more stylized. With mainly four colors in the color palette and a stronger color contrast. Glad you like it.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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What a nice surprise! Many Thanks, Bart. I feel very honored :smiley:

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long time one of my favorite films,
thanks for the nice memory, looks lovely

That is a very awesome looking, ya I loved the movie “Silent Running” watched it over a dozen times or more over the years. And spent a couple years building a 3D model of the Valley Forge.
Awesome work… :slight_smile:

Thank you very much, walt1. I’m glad you like it.

Thank you also. It has been decades since I watched the movie and I still do remember it. And that means they did it right :slight_smile: