Garden of the sleeping beast

Greetings! Finally managed to finish something after a couple months of creative block and many abandoned projects.

Blender+Cycles / Substance painter / Photoshop


This is quite stunning! Awesome job has an actual feel to it which is not seen that often anymore in 3d works. Beautifully done.


Very nice! I love the detail and mood. How did you do the water?

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woow this is super epic !!!

Cheers! It’s a 70% glossy & 30% transparent plane with a simple displace, with a volume scatter box underneath to catch light and shadow. The waterfall is a filthy lie (it’s handpainted)


Simply incredible! Good Job!


Beautiful! the light is awesome!

Top-notch. Gallery-quality result.

That is fantastic. Good job.

thats what we use to say…Far Out Man…
im amazed.

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Beautiful work!

This is so incredibly detailed I love it!

You’re #featured! :+1:

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Awesome :slight_smile:

Wow. Great work!

This is really impressive work. I have an interest in similar ‘painterly’ subjects - in my case still life.
Personally I don’t feel I have quite decided quite what ‘look’ I am trying to achieve: whether photo-realism or traditional oil or watercolour, like you own work. Maybe what we should really be trying to discover are distinct digital ‘qualities’ that have similar depth and scope to more traditional media. I don’t quite know what this is yet - that’s what makes working in this medium so interesting.

This is extraordinary! I love the architecture and the concept! Can you please share how you managed the ivy in such perfect shapes? :grin:


So immersive, nice lights! What kind of architecture is there? Congrats it’s fantastic.