Garden Tomb.

It’s not the exact replica, but it resembles Garden Tomb at least. It’s for an episode in the Arkfiles series featured on I’ve used the grass essentials for parts of the grass/weed particles. Thanks for making that pack Andrew&co. :slight_smile:

The animation isn’t done yet, but this scene is ready to render at least. Hope you like it.

New update. I’ve continued modelling and texturing for this animation, and have created a tunnel that has been dug out at this site. It’s still just wip, and i’m struggeling with really high rendering times… This tunnel was about 9 - 10 minutes… I’m using two GTX 660ti.

Well, anyways… here it is…

Just ignore the white-thing on the right hand side, that’s part of a cliff-wall that haven’t been textured yet… :slight_smile:


Sorry, i can see i’ve accidently posted this in finished projects… It should have been in the WIP section, i’ve opened a new thread in the WIP section for those who find an interest in this project. There’s also a small explanation of what kind of project it is…