Garden tool (Secateur/garden clippers) UPDATE

UPDATE: see latest post

I don’t really know how they call this thing in English and I know it’s a pretty stupid thing. I made this for a project for school and eventhough I’m working with Blender for a while, it’s the first time I really finish a model. So I’m pretty happy I can post in this forum. :smiley:

It’s not photorealistic but that wasn’t my intention neither.

Hope you like it.


btw: first image is the reference picture


Lovely! Would be great to see it rendered in indigo or some other photo realistic raytracer. Although, maybe you already have!

Another Belgian eh?
It’s the same word in french, secateur. Well at least amazon confirmed it to me. I typed it in and I got a picture of one.

The first image is incredibly realistic. Is that Yafray with GI? and those are very nice textures?
The second render is nice too just to showcase the model without shading

EditHum, silly me but is the first render the reference photography and not a render?

Yeah indeed, the first image is the reference picture.
I’m sorry I didn’t mentioned that. :o

Hehe, You almost had me fooled :slight_smile:

What lovely garden clippers, sometimes known as hedge clippers, or just plain clippers. Looks fairly photorealistic to me, except that they are brand new never been used. Nice modeling job.

Make a render that looks exactly like the reference image, and I’ll give you 5 stars.

Modelling is perfect, but not materials.

As I sead already, it wasn’t my intention to make a photorealistic render. But because you’re asking for it ‘Arr Matey!!’, I’ll post here another (hopefully better) render.

I know the materials aren’t good and the modelling isn’t perfect neither but I guess you can recognise it a bit… :wink:

Ciao & thnx for all the kind words,


Some fast-made environment.

You could try compositing it into a garden (or toolshed) environment…