Garden treasure

“This house looked very old when I bought it and Oh WOW, I just wanted to get rid of this old tree but something was in my way so I dug it up. Strange this is a book in a wooden box . . . oh ok. — a whole day later and I just can’t open it, what is this thing? Could this be some kind of a magic book? – a week later and I think I got it, it’s still closed but I think this in the middle is some sort of an gemstone— has a strange glow, maybe it’s watching…”

This could be an entry of a diary of somebody who found this book.

I wanted to create a hero asset and some cool story behind it, so when will you be digging in your garden? Made with blender and substance painter, glad to have blenderkit (free) for some nice models (rollerball pen, pc keyboard, fountain pen, coffee cup, drill) and textures, made for a challenge.


So ~ close!
Only if the fabric looked real!

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

thanks :+1:, have also a great weekend!

Very nice! The close-ups with the short depth of field look amazing. Makes me want to grab the book and open it! :slight_smile: