garden (wip)

erm well i got bored so i started making something as a mess around then got this so im gonna make it into someting :smiley: erm C and C plz

thanks in advance

way to dark can’t see anything

Is the grass particles? If so, how did you get the shaded button work? My particles come out all black.

Can’t c&c yet, sorry, the grass is nice though :slight_smile:

and also, can you tell us how you made the grass?! i cant seem to get my grass looking that good

way to dark, make sure u dont make it a night scene…

erm well i can see it pretty good and for the grass i could right like a mini tutorial or make a .blend with some grass in it and post it here erm well thanks all i wanted was the grass oh btw yes yes it is a partical system used :smiley: erm so.

mini tut!!!

PLEASE mini-tut. :smiley:

I have tried but never been able to get grass with particle system.


yeah i have problems with particles gras also. my grass always seems a little ‘dotted’

haha wicked ive never been asked to do any tuorials and stuff :smiley: im real proud of my self ok enough self pitty or whatever you call it erm ill right a tutorial when i get some time from help making Vertigo so it would be here soon.(the tut that is)

erm i never wroten i TUT befor where should i start?. erm i could just give u step by step instructions that is a tut isnt it ? lol

Yeah, that would be a tutorial. If something is hard to explain, throw in an screenshot. And remember to insert full stops. :stuck_out_tongue:

well ok ill do that then im like no good with full stops ask andy lol :smiley: ill try my best at writing a tut then in my spair time.(yay i rememberd to put a full stop)

can you stick in a .blend file now, till’ you’ve written the tut at least

erm i made an example file bout 1 day ago i could stick that up here u can take a look and all that stuff change some stuff. ill stick it on here erm tonight

erm ok my site is down so u cant download anything but if u want i could give it over a pm on msn

picture of what i would send you.

yo dudes im gonna write a tutorial bout how to make grass.