I’m making a garden with a pond in it. i have already something in it wich is called “tuimelaar” in dutch (I believe a tumbler in english). but i like to have a sort of sprinkler that spurts upwards. (something like this

anyway, i don’t know how to make that (i’m a beginner). can someone help me? (if you do, please don’t make it too hard for me to understand.

to see my work already maked go to (it’s in dutch but you can see the images.)

to see my garden till now (don’t look at the light because it sucks)

Looks like a start. As far as the fountain effect goes, you’ll need to use a particle system, perhaps with dupliverted water dropplets to achieve a good effect. If animated, you could mblur the final to a good effect, I believe. The blender manual has good stuff on both dupliverts and particle systems, you should check it out.

you might wan’t to use a meta ball parented to a particle system with dupliverts
(explanation of that here:

i think its a nice tutorial but how do i render the particles? if i press alt a i see them but i can’t press f12. do i have to wait until they stop? i now press esc all the time.

help me please

i’ve done a bit but i don’t like it yet. how do i make a more realistic fountain of it?

Hey, I like your water. :slight_smile:

To see the particles in the render you need to go to some frame where they exist. Hit up arrow once or twice (so that you end up to frame 11 or 21), they should show up in the object view, not only in the alt-A animation.

To make it more realistic, apply a texture to the grass (or use some fiber script to do it… I haven’t used it myself though :P) and turn the speculiarity down… Then you might also want to try enabling ambient occlusion at some point. :slight_smile:

Here is one tutorial about making a fountain.

Increace the number of particles and use dupliverted metaballs