Gardening Tool

Just a quick test to try out the new indirect lighting system.

Not too bad just a tick of HDRI brilliance is missing.


That looks really great, but what is that?

it is the container to store gardening tools.
it is a student project we just rendered it in Blender
to compare it to Hypershot.

it’s titled “gardening tool”.
pretty cool render, but what is “new indirect lightning system”?

am I miss something?

Indirect lighting is in Blender 2.52 as part of ambient occlusion.

Is this the render branch or the trunk version?? They seem to be quite a bit different. Anyway it turned out pretty good.

Why is the shadow grainy?

May be it’s part of the Indirect Lightning system, which i am not familiar with.

yes it is because of the render build.
shadows are currently grainy no matter the samples I select.

Very nice lighting. What is its job in the garden?

Other than the granulated shadow, I noticed a bit of oddness in the lower left corner of the shadows portrayed on the object itself. The higher density shadows shown in the attached screen cap, particularly the thin shadow projecting up a shallow angle from the vertical seem to bear no relation either to the object or to the lighting. The larger of the two anomalous shadows doesn’t seem to carry over to the base of the object suggesting, to me anyway, that it’s an artifact.

well the sampling system in the render branch seems to be under construction.
so it is hard to so if it is a bug or a not finished tool.

That was just an observation. At this stage it’s not possible to discern whether something’s wrong or just not finished. The developers are doing heroic work with 2.5 and my hat’s off to them. Because I make plenty of errors on my own I’m staying away from 2.5 for a while.