Gardening tools -advanced curve modifiers [update]

I really think that current (cvs) curve modifiers are now extremely valuable tool for modelling.

I made some test. These kind of forms are quite difficult to model with traditional lowpoly-tools.

The plane on the left is the original mesh and after 3 curve modifiers and 1 lattice it is formed like seen in the right.

If anyone is interested, I can make a small tutorial about method. (after weekend that is).

We have so great software here!!:smiley:

I’d like a tutorial bout it :slight_smile: looks nice



I’ll make tutorial in few days.

Here is one more sample:

hey can u message me with a list of materials u used im just curious on how to make it

More gardening tools.

And explanation of how these were made:

I updated tutorial. There is now blend files and also vertex weight animation example.

Questions or critics are wellcome!

It is indeed a nice modifier (and a nice tutorial you’ve got there)

Personally, I really think there should be a way to UV map an object with a “weight map” which you can bake to form the vertex groups. It is such a paint to use weight paint otherwise. It really is about time this feature is included as so many things use vertex groups now!

For now, your script does the job but I would love to see a more extensive and complete “interpolate” script included in Blender. Weight painting needs improvement!


nice work and thanks for the well written tutorial