Gargoyle asset

Working on a Gargoyle.

Base Sculpt.

Surfacing added.

LP and bakes are done-ish. Going to break some pieces off of the highpoly, so I’ll need to redo stuff, but it’s good to visualize regardless. xNormal kept crashing, so unfortunately, I had to bake in Blender.

Wow, like the snail, this one is getting a good grade! Great sculpting capabilities! Keep us posted!

Nice, I really like it. Really good job on the normalmaps. Did you sculpt in Blender, and if so, how many levels of multires? Looks awesome.
What is this for? Just for fun, or for a game or something?

Man, that’s ugly… just like a gargoyle should be.

GG :yes:

Hey Yanneyanen, I did this in Z-Brush, and it’s subdivided up to 13 million triagles.

Chopped off some bits. Took me a while to figure out how to prevent the clipping brushes from destroying my mesh.

Pretty much done with this guy. Tris ended up at 3716, with 3x1024^2 maps. The colored spec is largely unneeded, so I’ll probably stick a greyscale version of it into my normal map’s alpha channel when I head into UDK. Rendered in Marmoset.

Suitably ugly, looks like me when I wake up in the mornings.

Fantastic detail, it must have taken a while to complete it. I love the textures you have added to it. I particularly like the detail of the scratches you have added to make it look like it has been carved by a stonemason.

Thanks man! It actually took much less time than I thought it would. ZBrush is pretty fantastic.

UVs and bakes are totally redone. I’ll prolly do a finished project thread for this one.

i notice you rounded the ear tips off in a manner consistent with weather erosion
but the upturned tip of the nose retains a bit more sharpness to the line than i would anticipate in such an exposed location

I actually have it worn more on the other side, but none of the renders are from there.