Hi everyone

I’m new on this forum. I take the occasion, having finished my latest scene recently, to register me here and post It.

Hope you enjoy and give me some feedback

Just Blender 2.69 :slight_smile: (And Photoshop, for texture arrangement)
Render on cycles with some compositing effect.

Why has no one commented yet?? This is pretty good. The scene is giving off a medieval sort of feel. Great job!

really crazy

Pretty good indeed. The viewer attention is drawn to the eye though, and the eye looks a bit unrealistic and stretched. Thats why is not that appealing. Still, the scene is pretty complex and it looks pretty interesting. Im not sure about the storytelling though. Is it raining in the cathedral? Why is the gargoyle inside if he is a statue? Is he a statue? He looks like a statue but he has real eye texture so what is he? Is it spitting water because it`s raining? Why is it doing that?
So … yea… the scene is a bit confusing.

Thanks for the answers and impression.

@AlineB : Have you already seen the Gargoyles series ? It’s was short comics movie about medieval statue in modern time. They stand in stone the day and they bring bake to life during the night.

No really story about my scene, just a wink to this.

The eyes, maybe I’ve forced to much on compositing, I try to do better next time.

In your opinion, more or less shiny ?