Gargoyles season 2 in danger!

I just saw news from the creator of the show that sales of season two - part 1 are slipping and the release of the rest of the show is at risk. He made a plea to get the word out for fans to buy the show if they haven’t already. I have of course as I really liked that show but just wanted to let anyone interested know what was going on.

man, frikken typical isnt it. Season 1 was a great compilation, ill be gutted if the dont release the next. It was so intricate in its storylines, one of the few shows that got better as it went on, considering it was made for afterschool viewing

I don’t watch Gargoyles or even know when/what it’s on, but I know what ya mean! A great show goes splat because people want shows that resemble them: idiots who can’t even make a crap-worth joke.

Meh, I always thought Gargoyles was pretty lame and I was surprised that all these people kept raving over it. It was miles about the programming for that age group now though.

no, i think your wrong there. your statement should read
“its way above the “percieved” standard for that age group”

kids are smart. and high expectations produces high results. Watching that show when i was 10 or 11 or whenever made me go out an read twelfth night and midsummer nights dream cos i wanted to know more about puck. the avalon mythology and stuff was so linked to real literature it was great.

i HATE stupid shows like, twinks, and sabrina, and other shit they mass produce for kids that peddle toys and dressing like sluts/acting like prats. kids need shows that are intellegent.

“the aim is to turn cruisers into workers, and workers into achievers”

Yeah that show had alot of good points, I don’t expect high production values or solid plot from a cartoon but it was one of the better ones. I’m glad I at least got the first part of season 2 on dvd, even if they don’t release the second half of it.

They even touched on WWII and had the only really believable time travel I’ve seen. The fact that xantos got rich by traveling back in time was very interesting.

i always like the goliath/demona thing, real manipulation by a character- rather than put on a costume to trick you out of ur pokemon and the like, lol-