Garish Graph Editor Colours

In the graph editor, does anyone know if I can tone down the colours with the eye ball icon?
Each display box seems to have a random colour attributed to each channel. My main problem is that they are so bright, I can barelly see some of they eyeballs?

If someone could point out where in the theme preferences I can find their colour paramaters, that would be wonderful. I searched for a while and came out empty handed.

I wish there was a picker thing that would help zero in on what you’re looking for. You want to change the colour of this thing? Ok… just pick it with this tool and it goes right to it in the themes settings. In stead of searching though a whole tonne of options for things you have no clue what they are.
Anyway, thanks again in advance.

Preferences > Themes > User Interface > Axis & Gizmo Colors > Axis X Y Z should be the colors you want to change.
I agree that being able to right click “Change this theme color” would be nice.

Hmmm, that seems to just change the colour of the gizmo at the top right of the 3D viewport. It’s not connected the visibility boxes in the Graph Editor.
Will keep up the search.

You may have to force a preference save/restart Blender. It worked for me after a save/restart.