Garnet (Final Fantasy 9) [WIP]

I recently finished Final Fantasy 9, and was bored, so drew the Garnet character, the face/head still looks `off’. The characters in this game have rather strange proportions.

fix up the hair…more threads less shape

I don’t really have much to say sense I’m just starting to really dive into drawing myself, but as encouragement to the artist I’ll say keep going at it. I would agree that the head needs some more work, perhaps a slight angle to the face would make it look better and help it define the space a bit.

Thanks for the feedback, Cleaned up the image in Gimp and worked on the face, though it still looks wrong (any suggestions?).
Is it just me, or is BA a lot quieter than it use to be?

Managed to get the face about right finally, though I had to `cheet’ (stick a image of garnet’s face behind my line drawing and tweek), though now the head looks too small. I also shaded the face, roughly shaded the neck and block shaded the overall.

Don’t take you drawing any further if you see it is not what you like it to be.

If you want to draw Garnet, try to measure how tall she is using her head as a reference, be aware of the volume of her body parts. You don’t have to draw the complete body at once, try taking small parts to draw them as accurately as possible.