Garrosh Hellscream (WiP)

Hi everyone! i have been working in garrosh hellscream from World of warcraft (i will give some ref. image to the ppl who dosnt know who he is) atm its in an early lowpoly stage, but im aiming at a highpoly model at the end (going to use zbrush), so i wanted to know any critic you can give me (expecially in “Making_Him_Look_Actually_Like_Garrosh” ) or anything you can tell me, thnk you very much!!

lot more img. here! -->

PD: sorry for bad english ><
PD2: i know im not using Blender in this projet, but im trying diferent soft c: (i normally use blender!)
PD3: i used imgur because i dont want to spam tons of images here!