Gary: Cartoon Character : head

heres the head of my new character, gary, i suddenly decided to switch projects for a while so here he is started this night created from a picture i drew. Just the head at the moment still need to fix a few things on the mesh but is progressing nicely.

C&C welcome

Thanks Reaper

Good start, what’s making him look so shocked :o … I’m not feeling the ear at all. The teeth have some weird shadowing happening on them, I know teeth have some texture but it looks like too much in contrast to the more cartoony feeling of the rest of the model. The eye brows are great, what about eye lashes? Eyes, fine as they are, but I always like to see color in eyes. And lastly, the nose ridge near the interior of the eye, looks like it needs some more work. Keep it up, great start! :slight_smile:

Thanks yeh i noticed the ridge along the nose when i posted thast needs to be sorted eye lashes can do might aswell have a go duno yet just want his mouth open so can set it up better for rigging and stuff mainly what hes going to be used for i need to make the teeth a bit more random as they look to uniform and the ear needs some serious stuff doing to it man it looks messy thanks for the reply keep em comin

Thanks Reaper

heres an update i have worked on the ears a little and added the two strands of hair on his head he needs also worked on the teeth
different eyes?
EDIT new shader

C&C which eyes do you think?

Thanks ReaperX