Gary .:. Now with legs (character) c&c welcome

gary now has legs all ive been doing since my internet started having problems here it is so far working on the first proper animation now enjoy hopefully


love it!

His head is a little bit tall

ok thanks yeh i have shortened the neck on him now for the animation other wise i would of have to lengthen his arms to make him rub his face etc… but i am trying to work out ik solvers so he can nod etc…



Don’t know how to do it myself but perhaps you could make the sleeves of the shirt softbodies so that they dangle off of his arms better. Right now they look like they have cardboard cutouts stuffed inside them. I like the character though, coming together nicely. Are you using both toon shaders or just one of them? You might try lowering the outer line next time you render, it looks a bit too thick IMO.

i am using toon shaders in all of the materials the clouds and the word gary were done in photoshop but everything else is blender using both of the toon shaders i will do turn down the outline i really need to rig this better though with ik solvers because then he can nod etc. because my current set up means if u try to move his head he just swings around