Gas can(update now "power of temptation")
:smiley: C&C as if you didn’t know :slight_smile:

what kind of gas is it supposed to be¿And I don’t get what is that fan looking thing is on the cap.maybe a pull cap would look better kinda like A grenade or a tear gas contianer.

poisonuos gas not what gos in your car :smiley:

The wing nut think its a wing nut is to open the valve to let gas through the green pipe. No pull cap as its a container rather than defencive thing like tear gas.

Cool fly########, is that clowny gas by any chance?..
is this gas for roach extermination?
i like the colors in the pic, and the skull is neat… :wink:

Power of Temptation

Lol thats cool Fly! yeah i can’t resist poppin’ the buble wraps!! 8)

Lol, good idea :slight_smile: Is it ecstasy on the bottle ? :smiley:
Maybe the pipe appear better if he resemble at plastic.