Gas Mask

I have been using blender for about 2 weeks and therefore this is the first proper model i have done in Blender and the first render as well.
It came out very dark and ominous, which wasn’t what i was looking for but i thought it looked alright anyway.
Any Critism is more than welcome.



Welcome to the world of Blender. You have jumped on the band wagon at a good time where the coders are making good progress on the releases making blender competitive with maya and max. Good first model. What you need to learn about lighting is that different materials reflect light differently and should be set accordingly. In the real world light reflects several times in the blender world it only does once. Blender fakes this by using something they call Ambient Occlussion or dirty shader. Learning to UV map your materials is a must learn especially if you want to achieve realism. I recommend reading Blender for dummies, do not underestimate the title, this book has saved me on many frustrating occasions. It will give you a good taste of how to use all blenders tools. Also the good thing about blenderheads is the vast amount of tutorials. A tip on this is try to use the tutorials that match what ever version of Blender you are using. Anyways keep at it, you got a good start. :RocknRoll:

Thanks very much for the fast reply. I was thinking of getting the Essential blender book (what’s it like?) but i will definitly look into the Blender for Dummies as well.

I have Blender for Dummies, Intro to Character Animation, and Mastering Blender. Essentials I hear is excellent. The reason I would pick the dummies is that it was published in 2009 and deals dirrectly with 2.48 and it explains in lamans terms and makes all your particle system, ipo curves, UV mapping explanations an easy read. Essential was published in 2007 and is another must read but Blender is changing so fast it is best to keep up to date. Also download the Blender Wiki manual online for more in depth explanation. The Blender 2.49 RC1 release is available and the changes and functionality are good.

WOOHOO! book suggestions! thank god for the search function!

And i really like the gas mask. I couldn’t manke a good model until after two years, and it looked terrible even then. Of course, I had no idea what AO was until a few days ago :o. And my blender experience has been shaky and very choppy with parents who think computers are evil.

“Are you my mummy?”

Looks pretty cool :slight_smile: The eyes kinda look like their missing their lenses though.

Thanks very much for the replies, i’ve corrected the lighting and made the AO look more noticable.


Really cool render, althogh some details may still be hard to notice on a crt screen…:slight_smile:

Fantastic render for someone with only two weeks experience. Swift learner too, cuz I only knew what ao was after a half a year. Welcome to the world of blender buddy!

The eyes do look better in that second render :slight_smile:

Thanks very much again for the comments, I think it was luck that i found out how to use AO so quickly. But I luckily stumbled across a fantastic tutorial about Global Illumination but i forget where i found it. But also there are so many fantastic tutorials out there which really help to start you off. :smiley:

Much better, your quick. Can you make the rubber around the eye lenses and the resperator look kinda stretched were it is connected?

Awesome i love gas masks, in-fact i just got one today after waiting for 10 days!,awesome work, i know this is your own design, but first eye socket things arent usually this big nor that round. good job either way!

Excellent work, especially after only 2 weeks. I’ve got an old gas mask around somewhere, and I remember the eyes being very similar to what you’ve got here.

Thanks again. The gas mask is based close to an old WW2

Thanks again. The gas mask is based close to an old WW2 german gas mask, and there are only limited pictures I could get hold of.

About the stretch marks, I don’t think i’ll get them done anytime soon since although blender’s fantastic it is a huge distraction sometimes, and i need to do some work :(.

That is one good render my man :yes: Especially just having 2 weeks of experience.

You just won the “Awesome Price of the day”, my man :slight_smile: Keep it up, and you’ll be a master a no time.

Thanks very much. I’ve included some pictures of the gas mask and i would love some crits and ways i could improve the modelling of it. (The straps aren’t meant to be modelled to perfection)


Hey me again. Now that you have the basics down it is time to focus on topology. Try using your mirror modifier to get even topology on both sides that will solve the different faces you have on both sides of mask. Seems like you have the edge loop down from the breather part unless you just extruded untill you got what you got. One bad thing about Blender is that it only allows you to use triangles and four sided polygons. They are working on this. Important tip Try avoid using triangles if all possible. Especially if you are going to animate. One more thing that will be helpful, learn to use multires for sculpting than use of the retop tool to get clean mesh. That is a little info to chew on. Hope it helps…