Gas Masking

Heres something I just finished up.

There are a few things that I’d change, like working more on the metal canister texture, but I have some other projects to get started on.
I probably won’t do much more with it, but CC and comments are always appreciated.

Blender 2.48.

Big Version:

That leather material rules! The mask itself feels a little strange to me, but I think that’s because it’s not on anyones face. The seam seems strange…
Also, I’d probably see if I could make the edges on the filter a little worn. It just looks a bit to clean to me.

Other than that (bit of a huge list, isn’t it? :P), I really like it. :smiley:

Such a work one materials !

That was the first thing I thought too

It IS on someone’s face though. See the closed eyes in the eye holes? It kind makes me think that this mask is on some huge rubber wall, like in a quarantine area, for doctors to look in at their patients with and that there should be rubber gloves for reaching through the wall somewhere below the image we’re seeing.

Thanks guys.
Getting the leather material right was a big goal coming into this. The face/wall were things added down the road, so there wasn’t really a story behind them. TKR’s story sounds good to me though.

I like this a lot, your textures are great!. Did you model the stitching?.

Woops! You’re absolutely right. I’ll hold it at the seam around the head, I think that makes it look weird to me. I can’t really find out what’s off…

Yeah. The first stitching I did was just duplicated curves, arranged by hand.
After that I used a stitch curve with a curve modifier, and just changed the underlying curve, which saved a lot of time.

I bet its a lady in there, in fact I’d bet that she’s the tf2 scout’s MOM! The Pyro is a LADY!

FootFungus, is there perhaps a chance that you would show us that leather material…?

I think it looks off because it’s a bit like that mask were sewn to the face. This leather part should be bigger and span (? I’m not sure it’s the right word) whole head.

Here you go.
Sorry about the wait. Had some trouble uploading the file