Gas Station

Hello everyone!

I’m working on a Gas station scene and I would like to have some critics and advices to improve my render…


Hi there. Well I think the floor is too clean for a station. And the fuel hoses seem to be very strong - I think they should hang a little bit more as they are elastic in real world.

Thanks glooblooz!

I’ve worked on the clean problem, especially on the floor. I’m still working on the hoses, your totally right about it…

The gas pump is looking pretty good, but I’d expect to see one of those self-service window washing stations instead of a traffic cone next to the pump. Also, the only pumps I could find where the hoses connected underneath rather than above were somewhere in Czechoslovakia. Most of the hoses connect like this one:

I’ve finally change the theme of the scene, change the label, to tell a different story :