Gass thing

Here’s a thing I’ve been starring at in my scence lessons:
Modeled in Blender and rendered with yafray.
I don’t know if it’s done so C&C and idears are welcome.

only thing i c is to connect the end of the hose together.

That is really good. And I dont use “really” lightly.
Only thing that bothers me is that the nob where you turn on and off the gas looks very thin and flimsy and the ones in my old chemestry class had ones with thicker nobs.

I agree about the knobs, i’ve been in a science lab back in 5th and 6th grade at school and they had different knobs.

where is that environment from?
very nice!
where is the handle?

I can’t figure it out, maybe a different view may help.

and the threads on the front need to be thinner and taper more.

No they arent supposed to be thinner. If you go into a high school science class room and look at the lab tables there are lil sinks with a water nob and a gas nob. The gas nob has those thick threads so the pressure from the gas does not blow the hose off of the gas thing. Friction baby.

I quite like this - and it brings back memories.
However, just a few crits.

The rubber hose looks slightly too large in diameter for securing onto the gas outlet. I could be wrong about that though.

The gas outlet looks like it’s just resting on the table because you get know impression that it’s bolted on (ie no bolts).

The other thing I remember about chem labs is that they are usually quite old in schools - unless yours is different of course. I would have expected to see scratches and chips and all sorts of things on the desk top and I wouldn’t have expected to see a sparkling clean gas outlet. Even the hose looks too “clean” for this kind of scene.

I like the modelling in general and I like the base of the texturing - just think it needs to be dirtied up a little. It’s like salt - you add to taste.

Caleb :smiley:

awesome piece of work. only crit I have is the handle for the gas flow. it does seem a little to thin. the reason I say this is because my junior high chem lab had those. they where brand new my last year there. and yes, there not bolted on. they where like in the render. fastened from the bottom.

other than the size of the candle, I would say that’s an almost perfect picture.

Thanks for the comments!
Here is a very small update whith a bigger handle. I also tried to give it a musgrave texture, but it didn’t show up at the render. Can anyone tell me why?
I assume it’s because I use yafray and it don’t support all kind of textures, but the real explenasion would be nice, thanks.
And ofcause I still like C&C.

Yafray doesn’t have musgrave supported. The way it has with textures is a bit different.

More variation and details, in the wood and the hose.

Right now the hose looks almost cartoonish, it should have more details and variations, like dirty, a frayed part, or just parts that are gummed up.

The wood looks way too clean… nicks, scratches, dirt, stains are needed.

The outlet itself looks great, but play around with the spec a little bit so that some parts are rubbed more than others(due to use) and things like brush patterns are there.

Look at any piece of reflective metal, there is always a coat of oil over it along with millions of tiny scratches. Whether they are all going one direction like it has been wiped, or in fingerprint form, most metal has wear and tear on it, along with spots that aren’t so reflective

As for lighting, try making some shadows from unseen objects or more directional lighting to really set the scene…

From looking at this, I get the feeling that the hose, the table and the outlet are the only things in this universe, no signs of a whole scene.

But very good work, a bit more work to drive this to perfection.