Gate Keeper

Hey all here is my latest character.
I drew this dude a couple of years ago and decided to turn him into an animated character.
It took about two weeks start to finish.
He is completely textured and rigged.
Rendered in cycles.
Looking forward to reading your critique.


great character, man. reminds me of rumplestiltskin.

Glad to see a jolly looking gatekeeper. The leather strap looks great, and the red ear and nose tips are a nice touch. The edges on the clothes could use some extra detail of some sort. They are a little simplified at the moment. Would love to see some other poses of this guy with different lighting setups.

Thanks for the replies.
By extra detail on the edges of the cloth did you mean seams or something.
I tried to make seems but with the cloth sim, the seems got messed up so I took them out.
Any suggestions on how to fix that issue?

Yeah, either seams, frayed edges, or some kind of variation. I understand how frustrating the cloth simulation can be. I don’t really have any suggestions since I’m not sure how I would go about doing it. I usually look at photo references before I tackle how to model something.

I have added seams, and I have that rendering right now.
Here are some topology pictures.

Here it is with the seams.
Unfortunately, the Goblin blinked is eyes while I was taking the photo so his eyes are closed for the picture. Alas.
Better luck next time :wink:

Here he is without his eyes shut.

I am done with this character to see the final product look in the finished projects forum.