Gate - Now a finished project

Hello Everyone,

This is a start on my latest. Lighting is just knocked together, most of the work has been in creating and texturing the columns. C&C welcome.

Thanks for viewing!!


The modeling looks good, I would reccommend displacement mapping the bricks on the columns. If you don’t want to do that, maybe you could model all the bricks.

Unless the displacement amount is large you probably should just go with bumpmapping, if you have really small displacement it won’t make much difference from bump/normal mapping.

Modeling the bricks is also an ideal solution if it’s not a curvy figure with hundreds of bricks.

Ironwork on the gate looks great. The bricks are a problem, though. Looks like the same texture was applied to the pavement and to the columns. On the pavement, it looks good. Maybe a bump map to give the joints a little depression. But on the columns, the bricks look like they were laid on edge instead of flat. That because we’re seeing the widest surface of the brick facing out, as if it were a tile applied to some underlying structure, but in a column or a wall the brick is the underlying structure, so the widest surface should be facing up. In walls we should see the narrow edge of the brick, at least, if the bricks have been laid properly.

On the columns, the corners will look a lot better if the joints are modeled in. A bump map won’t get rid of that straight edge where the texture rounds the corner.

Hello Everyone,

I will have to work on the bricks. Currently, the brick columns are created by:

Modeling cube
Subdivide once
Fractal Subdivied (15) the verts that form vertical edges
Array to an empty +Z and 90 degree Z rotation 4 copies.

I suppose I could scale down the original cube and add a turn in the array modifier.

Do you thing the edges need more fractalization? Do they still seem to much like bump mapping is doing all of the work?

Thanks again!!

OBI_Ron, quite honestly I can’t see that you’ve got any displacement on the vertical edges at all. They look straight as an arrow to me. I see some beveling on the concrete column cap, but the bricks look like a brick texture applied to a rectangular prism with sharp, straight, 90 degree corners.

Hello Everyone,

Below is the latest, with a close-up of the brick and a shot of the wireframe.

I am still undecided on:

The walkway in front - asphalt or brick
The color of the decorative brick that forms a semi-circle

I intend to put some kind of plant life in the semi circle.

C&C please and thank you


Hello Everyone,

Added some plant life and a lantern.

C&C Welcome


Umm. Lanterns on the inside of a fence? Seems odd.

lanters were placed near entranses to driveways on old houces

its not on the actual fence, but just around the gate

The lanterns are on the outside…the brick walkway is on the inside, and the less attractive asphalt on the outside.
EDIT - Ok, I haven’t posted a pic with the brick walkway yet…will post tonight

I see. I got oriented when the bricks were there, instead of the asphalt, so I thought I was looking at the inside of the fence and gate. Makes sense to me now.

Hello Again,

Here is the latest.

Brick walkway
Bird Poop Stain

I still have some work to do for the sky, but quite honestly, I have crashed Blender at least 20 times trying to find the right combination that would allow me to render the scene with the trees. The willow trees were created in Arbaro, and as objs are 40 + meg each. I ended up using composite nodes, using alpha over t o break the render up a little. So the sky and any other post pro will have to wait.

Thanks for viewing, I hope to wrap this up soon.