Gate to Hell Entry - Starting

Here is the start to mine. All blocks/stones will be individually modelled and textured to get a more realistic look. As it is now, there is the same stone texture on everyhting right now. Thinking of doing heavy iron doors with hands, heads, torsos, etc. melding out from the doors for that really freaky look.

Very early WIP. Red colour is acheived by lighting right now.

Let me know what you think of the start.


wow really cool. I was going to do somthing like that with a wall around it but my computer kept locking up after i got the wall done. Too much for my little machine. Looks good so far keep going

Good start and your ideas and plans sound good. Looking forward to seeing more.

Goood start… herm… BTW… who holds the arch if colums are sideways???

/me too loves individual modelling of stones :slight_smile: