Gate (WIP)

Random idea that I had the other day. Kind of mysterious in a way. My goal is to make it darker. I had originally wanted it to be night, and to have the path disappearing into the dark.

Rendered with yafray, about 30 minutes.

Crits welcome.

Make it grave yard :slight_smile:

Old grave yard

nice, very nice. one thing, it looks like the grass stops right at the edge of the pic. other than that, very nice :slight_smile:

great work, i like the grass. the only crit that i have is that the stones directly behind the gate seem stretched out some how. but all the other stones are uniform. that is all, really…
good job

I agree with the comment about the stones being stretched.
One thing I want to point out is, the gate appears to be really small. Im not sure if its the perspective, the grass or possibly the gate colour. Is it possible to add more detail to the gate? so that it shows more clearly the size of the gate? a few bits of broken paint? scratches…dirt…just something that gives the viewer more of an idea of its size.
You should also check the camera view because there is a sudden stop in the image at the top right. (Although this is a wip, just make sure you dont forget about it lol)

Other than that, it looks superb so far :slight_smile:

Yea, I had known even before I rendered it that the grass stopped at the edge of the picture, it’s on my list of things to fix. Also, I had notice the stretched texture after it finished rendering.

The idea of a graveyard actually is really good, I might mess around with that idea.

As for dirt, and other textures on the wall, I had been thinking about it, specifically about vines growing on the wall and gate. I haven’t really ever played around too much trying to make my textures really detailed, if anybody could point out a good tut on making dirty textures that would be nice.

I think the gate looks a little bit misproportioned because you can see that stretched out texture right behind it, which makes it appear mishaped.