Hello Everyone,

Here is my latest. Thanks for viewing!!


Nice. did you end up modeling each brick?


No, with respect to the brick, the only thing I did different from the technique I described in the WIP thread was to modes the horizontal mortar lines. That way, they can be seen on edge, and not look like Nor is doing all of the work.

One thing I did learn…(Everybody else probably already knew this) I had always heard (or assumed) that you should not add any vertices after UV mapping. The trick is to add them, but not move or scale. So for the bricks, the mesh that I UV mapped was very simple, lots of pretty straight edges. After mapping, I used the fractal sub-divide to give some roughness.

the backround looks like a wall… just like the trees are 2d and theres a canvas behind it

Nice. The only thing I would do to improve your rendering is maybe put some negative lights down near the base of the gate to resemble real-life lighting a little more and not make the shading quite so flat.


The background is a sky from Terragen. The trees were created using Arbaro, but I kept crashing Blender trying to render. The only way I could get everything to come together was to:

  1. Create the Terragen image
  2. Render some of the trees (the ones further away on a different level, composiing with the Terragen image using alpha over. Save the image, and repeat using the new image with alpha over the rest of the objects. The gate, brick walkway flowers etc.

Agree with this, it lacks a horizon/distance reference or some indication that its foggy so you can’t see far away…

For the trees you could map quad planes with an alpha’d PNGs right in blender. Or use the compositor nodes?

Generally the lighting lacks somewhat. I found it easy to note that the driveway was just a mapped texture. Maybe some bump or more realistic shading could help here… Also, turn the lamps on!