Gates of HELL (updated)

(Idgas) #1

Here is my finished pic (I think) Tell me what you think

(acasto) #2

Gates ???

Kind’ve look like little road blockers from hell though :wink:

I’m just kidding, they’re good. But seriously, not too scary :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Perhaps some red hot steel, and big massive columns with the doom of everlasting eternal hell lingering through the other side of the entrance. Maybe a few bodies dangling over the spikes. You could even do Saddam and Kenny on the other side… j/k… looks good though.

(Dittohead) #3

what’s your worst idea about hell.

make that countless times worse!!!

(VelikM) #4

Nice flame!
My idea of hell is having to listen to Billy Graham

(Idgas) #5

Yea i know it does look alittle bla. I think i’m going to work some more on it. Thanks for the input all.

(S68) #6


how fast you are… send me a reminder when submission of participants begin (Nov. 1st for now) otherwise I might overlook it in setting up the page…


(blengine) #7

oo looks very nice… a few things… i could just sneak aound the gates if i wanted to get in =) and shouldnt there be the earth behind those gates? :wink:

(humphrey) #8

It doesn’t make Hell look scary enough. Remember the lake of fire and brimstone (ok you got that), the knashing of teeth. How can you make it REALLY scary?

Anyway… What idea of hell are you trying to portray? Really bad or good?

On the positive side though, it’s a great rendering.


(Idgas) #9

Thanks all yea i think i am going to add some more, I got month so ill keep editing it to get a more terrible look thanks for the input.

(mthoenes) #10

There is a script in Gimp which makes an excellent lava texture. Might go well for rendering Gates of hell, lake of fire…etc.

Create image, Right Click, Script-Fu, Render, Lava

(Atariman) #11

Here is a ref. picture.

(Idgas) #12

I updated the pic tell me what you think

(humphrey) #13

Much Better…

Although the black brackground needs something doing with it.
Maybe some smoke? Make chunky pieces of lava falling for the sky?

but it looks really cool

Keep it up


(S68) #14

Really impressive :o .

Gate/walls might need some texture tweaking

(paradox) #15

Those figures in the fire make a big improvement on the scene.

(Idgas) #16

Here is another pic what do you think

(paradox) #17

I think it is getting better and better.

(humphrey) #18

Well I have to admit that it’s starting to become scarey… The looks on those faces is really starting to come alive (or is it dead?)
It doesn’t look like a place where I’d wanna be going!

As for more suggestions…
The gate might need a bit of detail, but the plainess of the gate is can be powerful too.
Also, the horizon between the lava and the sky is hidden by the gate. Maybe you could change the gate so that we can see the horizon? Or are you trying to hide that??
Also youi could maybe have a couple of youir people reaching through the bars trying ot get out… and a big fat chain around the gate would be good.

Anyway, a fanstatic job so far… It almost sent cold shivers down my spine!


(S68) #19

I agree with paradox… image is getting really awesome!


(Idgas) #20

Acctually it isn’t a sky. :slight_smile: Its a UVShpere with fract sub 16 and a marble texture. Kinda looks like a sky though. I needed somthing in the top so i tried it and it looked good. I think i am going to edit the gate a bit so you can see better. Thanks for the input all