Gates of hell

(EnV) #1

This is the environment for the “Gates of hell” contest’s image:

No image maps used at all: 100% made with Blender’s procedural textures and plugin. Now I have to make the main character (but this goes togheter with the MakeHuman mesh I’m working on…)

Comment and criticism, please.


(paradox) #2

Wow. That’s all I can say now. Well besides it is very impressive. Nice effects, nice particles. Can’t wait until you add the character.

(S68) #3


/must start to work mee tooo


([email protected]) #4

most impressive, way to use ur creativity unfortunately that scene is a little too much for my comp to handle so i cant produce anything to that standard so i lose already lol

(bg3D) #5

Woooah! That is sooo yummy. :wink:

(blengine) #6

looks cool! nice effects… i like the textures, but feel they could be a lil better with some painted maps instead of blenders procedurals…the fire around the pitch black pillars looks a lil odd with those pilars not lighted in any way… i kinda feel that with all the light from the fire and lava, that those pilars should be lit up =D

great sky too

(EnV) #7

Ehm… of course you are right about the pillars. Thank for the comment.


(Bapsis) #8

Very, very nice!!!

I can smell the burning sulfer from here!!! Well, not really, but it iz easy to imagine tho!!! :wink: Great pic!!!


Blend on, and blend well!!!