Gates of hell

I am sadly not profeicent enough in blender to make it. However, I thought it would be a good idea for a project for someone else to do. Make Rodin’s Gates of hell.

Lol, sculpting would obviously be the primary tool for creating that.

I’m pretty sure that a while ago there was a relief script or modifier that could turn a b/w image into geometry. It was used to create a Shapeways model. irl! :smiley:

I wouldn’t use sculpting for this one. I’d start of with polygon modeling and then use the subdivision modifier to refine my mesh (or meshes because it would be easier to break it up into multiple parts). No, it’s not the modeling that will be the challenge, but the texturing and rendering.

i would create one of those little guys and rig him and rose

@dleri you are a far better modeler than me then, and I am a far better renderer and lighter than you lol.


I’d like to see your Blender work. Where is it?

Well dleri, I have one really old piece in the Blender Official Gallery that I made back when AO was first introduced into the official releases lol, then there are a few here and there, nothing major really. In fact I have’nt finished any of my blends in a long time, I still have unfinished projects floating around on backups, maybe I should do something about that, have’nt done any final art in a long time.

How’s that secret air force base going that you found some time ago jackblack ?

Lol, well I never said it was a secret air base, just a secret base, which it turned out not to be such, however it had myself as well as an air force friend of mine who used to have topsecret clearance fooled. However, there is an unknown airstrip that has fighter jets on it not too far from it, just south of the city, never seen it before.

On topic, I think the best way to model that would be in stages, first the base mesh would have to be modeled, then scuplted some, then retopologized with edgeloops around the sculpted areas around the mesh (for sharper, lower poly edges) then final sculpting using multiple multires levels, then of course find a suitable level to bake your normal map.